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           We are happy you have found our site and that you are, interested in oyster mushrooms. Ralph Kurtzman, Ph.D., began

             studying the cultivation of  Pleurotus or Oyster  Mushrooms more       than 30 years ago. He has lectured and consulted on oyster mushrooms in 16 countries on six continents. One of his earliest contributions was the devel-

             opment of hot water pasteurization.  Many successful oyster  mushroom growers       still use that method today. Click the "Mushroom Cultivation" button and learn how to do it correctly.

oyster mushrooms
What you will find

            This is a place to learn, not to buy things. The idea is        to provide a source of reliable and up to date information  growing and using oyster mushrooms for people throughout  the world. If there is anything, that is not  included, that you want to know to grow or prepare oyster mushrooms for the

      market, please ask. If you are a consumer, click the "Quality" button,  read  about  quality,  then  talk  to  your  produce  market manager;  maybe  you  will  be  able  to  get  better  quality,  if  the manager understands.   Have you been told that  mushrooms have no nutritional value? Click on "Nutrition" and learn the facts.
       All of us, who eat mushrooms, are consumers who want to eat the best, most interesting food. So all of us want to have recipes for

good dishes.  You will find a few when you click on the "Recipes" button at left, but if you have a recipe of your own (not with a copyright from someone else), we would like to add it to the others.  We will put your  name on it and post it with the others.   Just send it to recipes@oystermushrooms.net

       We have put in some advertisements, but only ones  that  link to merchants  who  sell  things we think  some readers will find useful, but difficult to locate.

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